REFLECTION: The Word was made flesh and we have seen His Glory

At the beginning the Word called all things to be and shaped the universe. The Word had the power to keep things together and bring happiness among people since it was a channel of life and truth. The word made us human and thought us the secret of relationship.

This is what we believe and what we want to share with humanity: The Word responds to our deep need of joy and helps us to find the reason of our short journey in this world.

We believe that God is the Word, the true word, a word alive and effective that can penetrate our heart and transform it with His power. This word doesn’t compel us to do anything without our consent. This Word is a whisper that enfolds every human being with the power of truth.

The Word challenges us, He digs in our hearts and waits until we accept His reasons, until we understand that He will made us more human. The Word brings to the surface of one’s life the best that often it’s hidden deep within.

The flow of word is interrupt with my brother, with the one I share a great part of my life, something it happened, and I am not able to overcome it. This lack of dialogue makes me unhappy, but I am not ready to give up. “Go and reconcile with your brother” is the call I hear any moment and this word doesn’t let me indifferent. Maybe I am not ready yet, but this word hummer down my reasons and tells me that without relationship with my brother pain will not leave my heart and hatred will deprive me from freedom.

People sleep on the footpath on my way going to work every morning and I tell myself that it’s not my business, but I experience the emptiness of this word, another Word breaks in my thoughts: “The man took pity on him. He went to him and bandaged his wounds, brought him to an inn and took care of him”. The Word brakes my way of thinking and get me out of myself, my personal interest, my personal duty and keeps me in touch with enter humanity. I deeply feel that this is what I want. May be I am not ready yet, but I realize that compassion and care is really a condition for my happiness.

Nowadays the word is twisted, is vandalized, is bent to serve individual interests, is meant to create confusion and division. It’s no more full of meaning and respect, it’s emptied of it’s power. The word is no more able to dig in our heart and connect us with each other. It doesn’t give us the light to see and understand the events, who we are and the reason of our short journey in this world.

“The Word was made flesh and we have seen His Glory”, yes we experience the power of the Word that creates all things and keeps things together and we want to bring this Word to others with any mean, we want the Word feels the earth, that’s why we desire to be faithful to it, we try our best not to distort it, not to twist and emptied it from it’s truth. We want that everybody sees the Glory of the truth.

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