Two months intensive training for 18 Asian aspirant journalists in RVA

Fr. Victor F. Sadaya, general manager of Radio Veritas Asia (RVA) headed the 3rd Intensive Training on Social Media Communication at RVA headquarters in Manila, Philippines, on January 19. It aims to expose and form new journalists in multi-media communication as they spread the Gospel throughout Asia.

The transmission of the Gospel is not an easy issue in the Church nowadays since the people who are called to bring the Good News are often unable to create interest on the listeners, they use old and improvised means of communication that make the message not attractive or incomprehensible.

RVA is an international network born in 1969 in order to provide church news and information for the minority groups in Asia as well as for people without direct access to news in their countries. The broadcasting comprises 24 languages and many journalists from different countries in Asia work at the headquarter in Manila.

RVA network faces a challenge since “its broadcasting facilities are obsolete now and we have to move from shortwaves broadcasting to a more challenging multimedia communication, for this reason we need people with specific training” said fr. Singarayan the Program Director of RVA. The board of the network organized an intensive training on social media in Manila inviting professional journalists, who already have experience in multimedia journalism, as trainers.

The trainees of the 3th Intensive Training on Social Media are 18 aspirant journalists that come from Thailand, Myanmar, India, China and Cambodia. Their program comprises traditional journalism, on-line journalism, broadcasting methods and tips on the new frontier of communication called vlogging.

The aspirant journalists’ two months training at RVA is supposed to improve the theoretical knowledge on journalism as well as giving practical skills on the new technological devices to the attendant, but it also “has the purpose to create a trained journalist community able to interact and share the experience of the Gospel” said the Fr. Victor, the Manger Director of RVA-ASIA. The trainers do not neglect this point and help the trainees to create deep human relationships, that will last after the training, with many group activities.

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