Mother’s Day in Thailand

August 12 is national holiday in Thailand because of the Queen’s birthday. As the Thai people love their King and they address him as the Father of the Nation so they call the Queen Sirikit their Mother. That’s the reason why August 12 is Mother’s day in Thailand and all the subjects of the Kingdom join a ceremony in order to honor the Queen, after this ceremony they celebrate the mothers in their home. In every village of Thailand, in every house many activities are organized and the mothers become the most important person of the day.

In our Holy Family parish in Mankhaw and Saint Antony in Na Sa Un we didn’t let this day pass without honoring our mothers. In Mankhaw we celebrate the mass, we brought flowers to our Mother Mary and the kids “ให้เกิยรติ” honor their mothers with songs, speeches and jasmine flowers. After the celebration we gather together and shared a fraternal meal that the young women of the parish prepared. Games made this moment enjoyable and moving.

In NaSaUn we celebrate the Mother’s Day on Wednesday, but in this small village we involved all the people and the Administration of the place. It was a tough ride to go there because it had been rained for few days and the read was very slippery, but it was worth the effort because we realized, once again, that, when we gather together in the name of real human and deep value, brotherhood is touchable. Nobody noticed each other differences in nationality, religion, social status, but all of us were touched by the tears of love that we saw when the children embraced their mothers.

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