Intercultural summer camp

As every year, during the lenten season, the Oblates have a summer camp in Saint Michael church, our parish in Bangkok. It’s a special camp that we call intercultural because of the variety of people joining the camp. Our camp is open to all the kids of the parish and, even though the main goal of the camp is to teach catechism to the Thai kids, we have been adjusting this experience to be able to welcome children of different beliefs, different nationalities And different cultures.
Our parish has the special vocation of taking care of the refugees and many of them live near the church. This people come from Vietnam and they are part of a Hmong hill tribe group. They have, by tradition, big families with six, seven children so that the average age of this group is very low. It has been a few years since Saint Michael parish gave the children a chance to join the camp and spend time with the kids of the parish. The reason for this experience is to create an environment where the children, but also the members of the Parish, experience interculturality and get used to it. We can also fulfill our goal of teaching catechism to our catholic boys and girls because we organize the camp with specific timetable for the needs of everybody and, at the same time, activities together.
The result of the camp is extraordinary not only for the children, but also for the catechists and the parishioners. The kids get in touch with different cultures that challenge them and oblige them to find a new life style, but also the adults see the situation of poor people, asylum seekers and refugees, learn their stories and grow in solidarity.
We, the Oblates, fell that such a mission is ours because it is a way to fulfill our charisma that brings us to be close to the poor and, at the same time, invites us to bring the people who work with us to share in the Life of the brothers who suffer or are less fortunate than they are.

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